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Raw Water Pump Station 2023

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Workers in hi-vis vests at a construction site near a building with large blue pipes and machinery.
Paving at the Raw Water Pump Station
A muddy construction site with machinery, utility poles, and trees under a clear sky.
Building up Aldrich Road to Prepare for Paving
A construction area with an unfinished concrete footing, rebar visible, and a worker in the background.
Valley Gutter in Road
Water control structure with gates, surrounded by fencing, near agriculture area, with timestamp.
Outfall Structure
A worker in a high-visibility vest is standing on a ladder inspecting a large blue pipeline under a cloudy sky.
Process pipe coating
Construction site with workers on a lift, industrial building, and equipment.
Skylight at Raw Water Pump Station
A construction site with unfinished brick walls, scaffolding, and a dumpster on a sunny day.
Block Enclosure for Generator
A worker in hi-vis gear inspects large cylindrical machinery parts in an industrial warehouse.
Raw Water Piping
A room under construction with insulation and drywall installation in progress.
sheet rock installation Maintenance Bldg
Metal framework against a clear blue sky, possibly a construction in progress or an architectural detail.
Roof framing at the Raw Water Pump Station continues.